May 25, 2020

Weekly COVID19 Update

As you're probably aware, Lincoln and Lancaster County have begun to relax the Directed Health Measures. We are closely monitoring case counts and considering opening to the public on June 15th if numbers continue to decrease. Please understand, when we do open to the public, whether June 15th or a later date, we will absolutely require a signed health statement, strict guidelines about the number of people present, and mandatory health practices of our own. No one with close contact with an individual who has been diagnosed with a positive case, presumptive or otherwise, no one with any communicable disease symptoms, no one with close contact to a health care provider or worker where COVID19 is known, no one who has traveled outside of Nebraska, and no one with close contact in "hot spot" areas will be allowed to participate until the case count in those locations reaches and maintains at zero for two full week. The reason we continue to be vigilant and very strict in our participation requirements is that our Executive Director has a compromised immune system, and is at a higher risk than the average population for contracting COVID19 and other communicable diseases. We appreciate your understanding and caution.

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