June 12, 2020

DreamCatchers Reopening

It's time! DreamCatchers will begin accepting new and prior participants again the week of June 15th. We have a new registration system, using a different platform that is hopefully a little easier to navigate. I will post the link one month at a time. The registration link will be posted in the usual place under our cover photo and on our website.

There will be some very stringent rules in place to protect the health of our participants, our volunteers and me. Being completely transparent, I have a primary immune system disorder that makes me extremely susceptible to illnesses, and particularly to respiratory illnesses. I MUST insist that everyone follow these rules. A health certification form will be required, and no one who has been exposed or likely exposed to COVID19 will be allowed to attend.

Unfortunately, this means that participants who are in close contact with those who work in primary healthcare clinics, hospitals, and senior living facilities, especially those who are in contact with known COVID patients will not be allowed to attend until the case count is zero in those locations. Again, this is not to single anyone out, but to keep our participants safe and allow our program to continue to run successfully. Groups are invited to attend, but only those with 10 or fewer participants, and all must have parents/guardians signature on the release form, including the healthcare form prior to participating. For group participation, please contact me at

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