April 23, 2020

DreamCatchers COVID19 Update - URGENT MATTER

DreamCatchers Facility has a possible COVID19 Exposure. DreamCatchers is closed until further notice

DreamCatchers Keeps Participants' Health at the Forefront of Operations

DreamCatchers will continue to operate with the best interests of our participants, volunteers and horses in mind.

DreamCatchers just received word that our barn will be closed for an unknown time due to a potential COVID-19 exposure. I am reaching out to currently scheduled participants, and will close the calendar until the barn reopens.

At this time, NO DreamCatcher participants have been exposed to COVID-19 at the barn or with any of our horses or volunteers.

Please note, we are working on innovative ways to stay in touch with our participants, and will be offering online programs in the next few days!

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