March 26, 2020

DreamCatchers CoronaVirus Guidelines

DreamCatchers Requires Stringent CoronaVirus/COVID19 Restrictions

DreamCatchers will continue to operate with the best interests of our participants, volunteers and horses in mind.

Due to the unknowns of CoronaVirus and Jodi's compromised immune system, DreamCatchers will operate on a limited schedule

CoronaVirus Restrictions

1. No participants with family members or those with close contact to any healthcare worker will be allowed to participate in DreamCatchers activities until further notice. 2. No participants who have been exposed or believe to have been exposed to anyone with CoronaVirus symptoms will be allowed to participate in DreamCatchers activities.

3. Participants who have experienced a fever, cough, chest congestion or other CoronaVirus symptoms will be asked to cancel all scheduled sessions, and not return until symptoms have been absent without the use of medications for two weeks. Participants who have been exposed to anyone with such symptoms will also be asked to refrain from participating in DreamCatchers activities.

4. All participants will be required to wash their hands before and after each session, and equipment used will be disinfected with Lysol between sessions.

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