May 11, 2020

DreamCatchers COVID19 Statement & Action

The good news is that the individuals who were exposed to COVID19 a few weeks ago tested negative. The not as great news is that it does not mean they are not carriers. 

DreamCatchers will continue to operate with the best interests of our participants, volunteers and horses in mind.

DreamCatchers will continue to evaluate the COVID19 Situation in Nebraska, and specifically in Lancaster County and make decisions based on factual evidence.

Slowly Reopening

The COVID19 case count in Lancaster County is still climbing, sometimes significantly. DreamCatchers will not fully open to the public at this time. It really hurts to have to keep pushing the date back, but I would so much rather do that than have someone get sick, or worse, due to a poor decision on my part. My information is coming ONLY from State DHMs and Dr. Bob Rauner, a Lincoln physician who has monitored COVID19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

When we do open, we will do so slowly, with those who have been long term participants at first, and then gradually add new participants. There will be STRICT guidelines and agreements in place, and hygiene requirements including wearing masks. Finally, when we do reopen, at least for the time being, we will be at one of two different locations where we can maintain socially distanced numbers and space. My horses will remain at Beach Boarding, but please know that Madi, Jordin and I are practicing strict distancing and hygiene any time we are there.

If your child is a regular participant, please check the email that you gave me on your registration.

Know this! We miss you terribly, and I cannot wait until we can go back to whatever normal is going to look like!

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