DreamCatchers is a nonprofit program that provides the opportunity for individuals to meet and interact with horses, regardless of their financial status.  Simply put - we never turn a anyone away from the program due to the inability to pay. While we are not a therapy program, we do provide connection, compassion and partnerships with our participants. 

We are a nonprofit, so we accept donations of any size to cover the care of our horse, the funding needed to increase our herd as we grow, and sponsorships for our participants. 

We do not provide birthday parties, trail rides or other social gatherings. We are not a riding lesson program. 


“I am grateful for Dreamcatchers because the horses make me feel happy and calm.” 

Gavin, age 11

"I am so grateful for Jodi’s decision to create DreamCatchers Ride.  My daughter had been asking for horse lessons but I couldn’t find affordable lessons as a single mother.  DreamCatchers Ride has allowed my daughter to grow in self confidence as she develops a relationship with horses."

Tia N.

"This is the program I've been searching years for.  My son loves working with the horses and has gained so much confidence, perseverance and patience through the program.  As a single mom, there's no way I could afford a program like this without Dreamcatchers.  We're so grateful."

Leslie C.


No participant is ever turned away from DreamCatchers due to the inability to pay.  Sessions are $25 per hour, and sponsorships are key to our success. Please consider sponsoring a participant at $25-$100 per month.