"Hon, these horses are your gift. Share them with others like you."

-Paul Everingham

In late 2018, Jodi founded DreamCatchers, based on the knowledge that there are many people in Lincoln who have a passion for horses, but whose families simply cannot afford the time or financial commitment a horse requires.  As a nonprofit, DreamCatchers is able to seek sponsors and accept donations for the care of the horses involved.  DreamCatchers fulfills a deep-seated passion for Jodi to share her love of horses and people in a way that meets many needs.


Executive Director Jodi Freeman is a life-long horse lover.  Her first memories stem from her grandfather, Paul Everingham and his farm horses.  There are photos in the family archives of a 6-month old Jodi sitting with Grandpa on his mare, Candy, and later pictures of Jodi sitting in the pasture while Candy, Chica and Chief quietly grazed around her.When she was a young girl, Jodi and Grandpa Paul spent a full summer looking for the perfect pony to learn to care for and ride.


 Grandpa made her a promise: If she would learn to ride and care for the pony, and teach her siblings and cousins the same things, he would have his mare Chica bred, and Jodi could raise the foal as her own.  


After three years of working with the pony - and sometimes fighting with her - Grandpa fulfilled his promise, and Flicka was born. 


As often happens, life brought changes.  Flicka experienced a very unfortunate incident, and died.  As a 19-year old, saying goodbye to her beloved friend was incredibly tragic and painful.  At that time, Jodi was unable to purchase or provide care for another horse, and so for the next several decades, rode with friends and on trail rides as often as possible.


In 2014, Jodi was fortunate to learn about a horse rescue and begin rebuilding her relationship with horses there.  She was able to adopt three horses and found her passion once again.  


In 2017, she awoke from a very vivid dream of Grandpa saying "Hon, these horses are your gift. Share them with others like you."

And so, Dreamcatchers was born.

Horses Change Lives.  They give people Confidence and self Esteem.  they provide peace and tranquility to troubled Souls. They give us hope!  


DreamCatchers provides a safe place where, through equine companionship, adults and teens can be free to express themselves and find peace.


DreamCatchers provides support to anyone who is seeking a way to manage life through allowing them to develop a bond with horses and people who have walked a similar path to theirs.